Our biological age can be read particularly well on the hands.

All in Esthetics uses four different facelift techniques – depending on age and skin type. Beautiful, smooth skin, a fresh, forever youthful appearance. Many women and men dream of this – especially when the wrinkles get deeper and deeper. And at some point you look older than you feel. Those who do not want to allow this to continue often think about a facelift. As do many celebs who want to look like they’ve fallen into the fountain of youth. But especially with the stars, after an unfortunate facelift, it becomes clear who has had their facial skin, neck and décolleté tightened at all.

Rigid facial expressions versus an optimal facelift Nicole Kidman and Meg Ryan are such negative examples. Both actresses have lost rigid facial expressions since their interventions and unfortunately also lost their once great charisma. Sharon Stone, on the other hand, does not appear with such a petrified expression – and still looks much younger than she is. She has probably had a lift with the technique that is optimal for her skin type and wrinkle depth. Because not all facelifts are the same: Depending on age and skin type, one method is better or worse. At SINIS AESTHETICS, four different facelift techniques are used: thread lifting, mini facelift, SMAS lifting and MACS lifting.

The gentle facelift: thread lifting and mini facelift If the wrinkles are not that deep, a thread lift can help – this is the gentlest facelift method that doesn’t even require a scalpel. In thread lifting , small threads are placed under the skin that can tighten the skin as needed. A mini facelift helps against a tired or stressed expression. This is an operation with local anesthesia. Ideal for deeper wrinkles: the SMAS lifting In addition to the skin, the SMAS lifting also tightens the facial muscles and brings them back to their old position. Then the tightened skin is draped over it. So the facial expressions are preserved and the face still looks alive and not – as with some celebrities – like a living doll. With so-called MACS lifting, on the other hand, slight wrinkles are removed by the surgeon cutting into the roots of the hair and ears and tightening the skin there. Which method is best can only be found out in a personal consultation. One thing is clear, however: there is the optimal method for every skin to reduce wrinkles as inconspicuously as possible – and to make the face look as young and fresh as possible.