Since the beginning of the 1980s, the replacement of lost teeth with implants has become an extremely successful treatment method in Turkey.

Because no matter how well we care for our teeth, it is always possible that we lose one or more teeth for a variety of reasons.

Dental implants are the most advanced method to restore the chewing function and the complete smile. And these offer you some advantages:


A dental implant is a permanent tooth replacement after a tooth has been lost, which replaces the tooth root and is inserted into your own jawbone and grows firmly there without any problems.

It is used to permanently connect an implant crown to the implant body located in the jawbone.

The implants cannot be recognized as such and feel like your own teeth, which makes the implants very comfortable, protects your own teeth and makes everyday life easier compared to other treatment methods.

The implants can be made of different materials (titanium or zirconium dioxide for metal allergies). With regard to the quality of life of the patient, the importance of implants relates to their functionality, i.e. how well they can be held and made usable, the appearance of the implant and the everyday wearing comfort of an implant.

The insertion takes about half an hour and is painless for the patient due to the anesthesia. After the implant has grown into the jawbone (approx. 8 weeks), the artificial tooth (i.e. the implant crown) can be placed and is fully functional.

  • Destinations
    Inexpensive dental treatment in Turkey
  • Comfort
    Safe speaking and chewing
  • Perfect aesthetics
    Dental implants cannot be distinguished from natural teeth
  • The breakdown
    of jaw bone substance is prevented
  • Shelf life
    Lifelong shelf life with appropriate care

Meet our dental team

Dentist Dr. Ozan Güner

Dentist Ozan Güner was born in 1973 in Izmir. He completed his secondary school at the French High School in Izmir Saint-Joseph. In 1998 he graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of Ege University.

He completed his 1,5 years military service as a dentist in Kırklareli. Since 2000 he works with his team in a private clinic.

Panaromic X-ray and Tomography services are provided to patients and physicians in and around Izmir. Since1998, he has attended master studies in the implantology department at home and abroad and has developed further in the areas of implant and surgery.

Your trip will be fully organized by All in Esthetic. At the airport you will be picked up by our chauffeur and taken to the hotel. Once at the hotel, you can enjoy your free time in Turkey.

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The next morning you will be picked up by our chauffeur and taken to the hospital for a preliminary talk and preliminary examinations. The operation takes place on the third day of her arrival. After the operation you will stay in the hospital for 3 nights.

On the day of discharge, you will receive extensive nutritional training and will then be driven back to your hotel. You stay in the hotel for one or two more days. On the day of your return you will be picked up by our transfer and driven to the airport.


More and more people are deciding to have dental implants placed in Izmir.

There you will not only find the latest technology and highly qualified doctors, but also enjoy a price advantage of up to 60% including flight and hotel costs.