What is Revision (Corrective)
Bariatric Surgery?
It can often happen that you have not reached your ideal weight despite a weight loss operation that you have already carried out, or that difficulties arise months or years later.

Such difficulties include, among other things, insufficient weight loss , a considerable increase in body weight despite previous good weight loss, frequent heartburn, vomiting, etc.

Often the reason for the lack of weight loss is failure to follow dietary recommendations or insufficient physical activity. Most of the time, you also fall into the old behavior pattern that led to obesity. In principle, no further intervention is recommended here.

This condition first requires a renewed, extensive clarification in order to eliminate the undesirable development as quickly as possible.

However, if anatomical reasons in the operated stomach or small intestine are the cause of the difficulties, such as a defective gastric band, which leads to a renewed increase in weight or a sleeve stomach that has expanded over time, our partner surgeon is available for corrective surgery. To find out such causes, an x-ray and a gastroscopy are usually necessary.