Hometıc tube reductıon

Our partner surgeons in bariatric surgery recommend gastric sleeve surgery as an initial procedure for affected patients with a body mass index of over 35 kg / m².


The sleeve stomach reduction is a mainly restrictive procedure, but it also has a hormonal effect. The gastric sleeve operation is performed laparoscopically, i.e. using the so-called keyhole technique, and is consequently minimally invasive. During the approximately 45 to 90-minute operation, trocars are passed over the abdominal wall into the abdomen.

The stomach is detached from the environment and cut lengthways with the help of a stapler, the forklift, and welded shut at the same time. In addition to the already secure staple seam, staple reinforcements are used, which ensure additional firm anchoring. The separated area of ​​the stomach includes the corpus (the largest part of the stomach) and the gastric fundus, in which the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin is formed. With its removal, the feeling of hunger is consequently significantly reduced.

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Gastric sleeve reduction has several advantages over other bariatric operations. On the one hand, no foreign materials are implanted, as is the case with gastric banding, and on the other hand, the anatomy of the gastrointestinal tract is preserved, which is why nutrient deficiencies do not pose a long-term problem with sleeve stomach reduction.

Current research also shows that gastric sleeve surgery also has other positive hormonal effects on the body. It has been proven that type II diabetes mellitus improves significantly after sleeve stomach reduction. In addition, in contrast to gastric bypass, it is a less complex and therefore less risky procedure.

Every surgical procedure is associated with risks. In addition to the general operational risks such as intolerance to anesthesia, there are special operational risks. Leakage: All seams on the stomach or intestines have the risk of impaired healing with the development of a leak in this area and usually require a follow-up operation to eliminate this leakage, otherwise peritonitis can result.

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The next morning you will be picked up by our chauffeur and taken to the hospital for a preliminary talk and preliminary examinations. The operation takes place on the third day of her arrival. After the operation you will stay in the hospital for 3 nights.

On the day of discharge, you will receive extensive nutritional training and will then be driven back to your hotel. You stay in the hotel for one or two more days. On the day of your return you will be picked up by our transfer and driven to the airport.

The gastric sleeve operation is the beginning of weight reduction on the way to the desired weight. The gastric sleeve operation alone does not guarantee a lasting solution – only in combination with a change in diet, a new eating behavior and adherence to a healthy lifestyle with exercise can bring and maintain the desired success.

After gastric sleeve surgery, the stomach has to slowly get used to normal food. This takes place in four diet phases, which slowly approach normal food from liquid food to pureed food to soft food. All in Esthetic team will also provide support after the procedure. We are always at your disposal with detailed post-operative information and nutritional advice.