Brazilian butt lıftıng
Many women want a nice, firm bottom. Regular training will give you good results. If this is not yet satisfactory, aesthetic plastic surgery can help. Both implants and autologous fat can be used in the BBL.
what ıs
brazılıan butt lıftıng?

During a Brazilian butt lift, the buttocks are surgically enlarged. This can be done in two different ways.

A very common method is the use of autologous fat. If there is not enough autologous fat available, implants can also be used.

A combination of these two techniques is also possible!

  • During a Brazilian butt lifting, the buttocks are enlarged with implants or autologous fat
  • The operation takes place under general anesthesia
  • The downtime after surgery is about two weeks. It is very important that compression garments are worn for about 6 weeks after surgery
  • There may be bruises and swelling after the operation. In rare cases, wound healing disorders or infections can occur

Who is suitable for a
Brazilian butt lift?

Basically everyone is suitable for a Brazilian butt lifting who wants an optical enlargement of the buttocks.

Especially when the fat distribution on the back, hips and thighs is disproportionate, a reduction of these fat pads can be carried out in addition to the Brazilian butt lifting.

If you are thinking of enlarging with your own fat, the prerequisite is that there are enough fat reserves.

The most important limitation of Brazilian butt lifting is the soft tissue of the buttocks. If the fat or implants cannot be properly anchored, then enlargement will not be possible.

How does a Brazilian butt lift work?

When enlarging with autologous fat, the doctor first performs liposuction. To do this, he initially injects saline solution into the tissue to loosen it so that it can then be sucked off more easily. The fat is then cleaned and prepared for transplantation.

The surgeon then uses blunt cannulas to inject the fat into the gluteal muscles. Finally, he sutures the wounds. When using implants, the doctor will make an incision in the buttock fold and place the implant in and under the muscle. The cut is then barely visible.

Since it is a surgical procedure, complications can also arise. Especially with liposuction, bruises and swellings can occur, but these will completely disappear after a few days to weeks.

Wound healing disorders and infections are very rare, but you have to pay attention to appropriate hygiene. In very rare cases, if implants have been used, the implants may harden.

This is a so-called capsular contracture . With early detection, the doctor can treat it very well.

When enlarging with autologous fat, around 60 to 80% of the injected fat will grow in. The result looks extremely natural with this technique.

The result of an enlargement with implants is permanent.

However, problems can arise when using implants. The most common complaints are pain when sitting. Many doctors therefore only recommend this method if there is too little autologous fat.

Talk to your expert about all the advantages and disadvantages as well as the risks of this technique.