breast lıft
why all ın esthetıc?
The shape and consistency of a woman’s breasts change over the years due to various factors. In the course of life, these can noticeably lose their abundance and sink.

As a result, many women feel strongly impaired in their body awareness and inhibited in many situations.

Sexual relationships in particular suffer greatly, so that many women opt for a breast lift. With our partner clinics in Izmir, you too can have a breast lift in Turkey for a good price and by specialized doctors. With the current state of research and the medical possibilities, you can realize your wish with minimal risk. The specialist skills at All in Esthetic work closely with the partner clinic in Izmir to support you from day one.

In general, it should be said that the surgical method can vary from case to case. The cut also depends on the patient’s ideas and anatomical conditions. We would like to inform you on behalf of the operating plastic surgeon that we will endeavor to make an extremely small incision. To lift and firm the breast, excess tissue is removed from the lower breast area. The remaining glandular body is reshaped, shifted upwards and attached to the muscle with sutures. Usually the areola and nipples are moved up with nerves and blood vessels.

It is very common for patients to want a silicone implant in addition to their breast lift in order to achieve a larger, yet firm breast shape. This combination is the only way to get bigger breasts if the breasts are already low, if this is desired. If you avoid the breast lift step, the silicone implant will only provide a nice result for a short time.

The glandular body and the weaker connective tissue that had previously led to the sagging breast remain unchanged by a simple breast reduction. This leads to a further sagging of the breast and an unaesthetic breast shape. If a breast augmentation is combined with a breast lift, the patient should be guaranteed a long-term beautiful breast shape.

The patient must be aware that every surgical procedure always carries a certain risk.

General risks during operations include infections, bleeding, thrombosis or poor tolerance to anesthesia. With the breast lift in particular, care is taken to leave no visible scars.

However, despite all measures, the wound healing process can be more difficult than desired, which can lead to increased scarring.

If the breasts are very sunk, there may be a loss of sensitivity in the nipples.

Why a breast lift?

The circumstances and circumstances of every woman are very individual and unique. As a result, the motives for choosing a breast lift can vary greatly. Nevertheless there are some motives and drives that we encounter more often and that we would like to show you here.

In most cases, the patients suffer from their genetic makeup. On the one hand, the connective tissue, its size and texture are responsible for the elasticity and shape of the breast.

Many women have hereditary weak connective tissue, which alone can lead to a sagging breast. A lush breast tends to lose firmness and resilience even in young people. Often women turn to us after losing weight.

You are used to your large and feminine breasts and have lost them with weight loss, worse still, in most cases the breast sags noticeably lower than before after significant weight loss. As a rule, pregnancies and breastfeeding are decisive for the decision to have a breast lift and / or an enlargement, as the breast shrinks as a result, loses its firmness and tends to hang more.

The psychological problems women with sagging breasts struggle with can be very serious and have a negative impact on your life. Symptoms include very low self-esteem and self-esteem and thus problems making new contacts.

Entering into and enjoying sexual relationships and simple things like changing clothes in the locker room or going to the doctor are extremely difficult, which is why many women decide to have a breast lift.

Tubular Breast

A tubular breast is characterized by its tubular appearance. To correct this, a combination of breast augmentation, tightening and gland correction is usually necessary. The formation of the tubular breast is innate and cannot be prevented during development. Depending on the degree or degree of breast deformity, women with tubular breasts often suffer from aesthetics.

A tubular breast is primarily an underdevelopment of the lower half of the breast. In medicine, the lower half of the chest is divided into quadrants and designated. The more quadrants in the lower half of the chest are missing or underdeveloped, the more tubular the appearance of the breast. Your tube shape can be divided and displayed in 4 levels.

  • Stage 1 – one lower quadrant is missing or is underdeveloped
  • Stage 2 – both lower quadrants are missing, the skin is sufficiently present
  • Stage 3 – both lower quadrants are missing, the skin is not sufficiently present / shortened, the nipples are pointing downwards
  • Stage 4 – all four quadrants are underdeveloped or completely absent.

This operation should be performed by a very experienced plastic surgeon.