breast enlargement ın ızmır

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Millions of women today suffer from impaired self-esteem due to the shape or size of their breasts. You long for a change, a breast enlargement that increases your self-confidence and helps you to feel good in your skin.

Unfortunately, the costs and possible risks of an operation mean that many women do not dare to take this step and thus remain dissatisfied with their own bodies. Breast augmentation has long been the norm in the field of plastic surgery.

With the partner clinic in Izmir, you can get a breast augmentation in Turkey for a good price by specialized doctors. Due to the current state of research and the medical possibilities, you can realize your wishes and ideas with minimal risk. Our specialist skills work closely with the partner clinic for breast enlargement , breast reduction and breast lift in Turkey to support you from day one .

Are you one of those women who suffer from the shape or size of their breasts?

Why breast enlargement?

The circumstances and circumstances of every woman are very individual and unique. As a result, the motives for choosing a breast augmentation can vary greatly. Nevertheless, there are some motives and drives that we encounter more often and that we would like to show you here.

In most cases, the patients suffer from their genetic makeup. The psychological problems that women with small breasts struggle with can be very serious and have a negative impact on your life.

Symptoms include very low self-esteem and self-esteem and thus problems making new contacts. Entering into and enjoying sexual relationships and simple things like changing clothes in the locker room or going to the doctor are extremely difficult, which is why many women decide to have breast augmentation.

Often women turn to us who are used to larger or normal breasts and who have lost some breast volume due to weight loss. Now you suffer from the fact that, despite your physical change, you have not achieved your desired self-confidence, because the breast, which is now too small, robs you of your femininity.

As a rule, pregnancies and breastfeeding are decisive for the decision to enlarge and / or tighten the breast, as the breast shrinks as a result, loses its firmness and tends to hang more. Ultimately, a few women suffer from stunted growth or a malformation of the breast.

The previously mentioned psychological problems are usually even more pronounced in these cases, so that a breast augmentation is recommended for mental well-being.


Operative access

There are three ways to proceed with breast augmentation. Which one is best for the patient or which procedure she wishes is discussed in advance with the plastic surgeon in Izmir, determined and followed exactly during the procedure.

In plastic surgery, the most common method for breast augmentation is the breast fold incision.

As the term suggests, a small incision is made in the fold under the breast with this approach. Their popularity is explained by the simplicity of the operation. The remaining scar is thin as a hair, approx. 3.5-5 cm wide, fades after a short time and lies in the natural shadow of the breast or in the fold.

The areola edge incision (nipple access) is also very popular, as this method leaves almost no scar as the incision is made on the front edge of the nipple and the tissue adapts to the color contrast. It should be noted, however, that not every implant can be used and the size of these depends on the size of the areola.

Another possibility would be a breast augmentation through the axillary incision.
This is in demand because the access is at the armpit and thus leaves a scar-free chest area. The remaining scar is barely visible if the wound has healed well. However, even with this method, the size of the implant is limited.

There are three ways to position the implants for breast augmentation. Which method is the most sensible must be decided on the basis of personal wishes and the individual anatomical conditions or physical requirements. The simple and quick operation speaks for the insertion of the implant on the chest muscle (epipectoral).

The final shape and texture of the breast can be seen immediately after the procedure and the postoperative pain and feelings of tension are less than with the next method mentioned.

However, very slim women run the risk that the side edges of the implant will become visible, so this procedure is usually more suitable for breasts that are already average or have a lot of their own tissue.

The positioning of the implant under the pectoral muscle (subpectoral) is mainly chosen because of the very natural-looking result, as the edges of the implants are concealed. Wrinkling over the implant is excluded and there is a lower risk of capsular contracture. The disadvantages include the increased surgical effort and possible restrictions for ambitious athletes or bodybuilders.

The third option is the dual plane. Here, only the upper two thirds of the silicone implant are covered by the pectoral muscle. The pectoral muscle is severed so that the lower third of the implant lies under the mammary gland. The procedure is becoming increasingly popular because the method is simple and gentler on the muscles than completely subpectoral positioning.