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Our hair is something that largely determines our overall image. Everyone wants to have beautiful hair because we can express ourselves with different hair styles, colors and hairstyles.

Often they are also a big criterion when it comes to choosing a partner, as healthy and full hair is viewed by most people as very attractive.

As a result, it is understandable that people who suffer from hair loss are very dissatisfied with their situation. Men are much more affected than women.

Due to the male hormone androgen, you lose hair on the middle head and in the forehead area. However, the hair on the back of the head and on the temple area remains, which can now help those affected to have beautiful hair again.

Did you know?

Due to the male hormone androgen, the hair on the middle head and in the forehead area (the so-called “receding hairline”) in men usually falls out. However, the hair on the back of the head and in the temple area does not.

The hair, which forms the well-known “fringe of hair”, is resistant to this hormone. It is precisely this fact that hair transplantation with the FUE method makes use of. If these “resistant” hairs are transplanted, they retain their properties, including the ability not to fall out.

They just keep growing in the planted area. This is exactly what makes the FUE method so successful.


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Why Hair Transplant?

“Hair makes the man”, is how researchers have actually discovered how important the look of our hair is.

These set signals and help decide whether you appear vital, attractive or well-groomed at first glance.

Accordingly, people who are affected by hair loss suffer massively from their situation. Many try to hide their heads all the time and are ashamed of having to bare their heads.

Often they also have to deal with ridicule from those around them and struggle to accept their new appearance.

So why suffer from hair loss when you have found a permanent solution for it?

First of all, blood tests are done and blood is taken for the PRP method, also known as autologous blood therapy, that follows the hair transplant.

In this, the plasma taken from the blood is injected into the scalp after the hair transplant to activate the cells.

After taking the blood, the procedure for the hair transplant is discussed with the patient and the shape is determined and drawn in. The subsequent course of action depends heavily on the underlying causes of the hair loss.

The method calls for the hair to be removed from the back of the head for the transplant. It is common for the region to be shaved in order to access the grafts (hair roots and hair). In a few cases, however, this step cannot be avoided, but it is ensured that the area is set in such a way that it is covered by the other hair and is therefore not visible.

You can find out in advance how you would proceed after submitting your pictures. After a short break for the patient, the upper head area is numbed. The correct approach to the next step is very important and determines the success and the appearance of the end result.

It is therefore very important that this step is only undertaken by a specialist with years of experience. Small incisions are made with an extraction needle and the channels are set in which the grafts are then inserted one by one.

There is next to no risk because you will have your own hair transplanted.