Our biological age can be read particularly well on the hands.

Even so, we find it difficult to hide them from the public. A hand rejuvenation helps to preserve at this point a young, fresh look.

When it comes to youthful beauty, they usually don’t immediately come to mind as a figurehead: our hands. But just like the face, they are particularly exposed to environmental stimuli. And thus an honest indicator of biological age.

So if you want to counteract the traces of aging, you should also and especially take care of your hands.

Thin skin, age spots, wrinkles

The real age can be seen most clearly on the top of the hands – be it through typical age spots or the loss of volume, thinning skin and the resulting protrusion of veins and wrinkles.

A typical “old” hand that develops from around the age of 40. People who smoke a lot, are often in the sun or work with chemicals can have their hands literally looking old before they turn forty. Age spots are quick and easy to remove with a chemical peel or laser treatment. Compensating for the loss of volume is a bit more complicated – but it is entirely possible.

Volume build-up for the hands

For example, by building up volume with hyaluronic acid or autologous fat. The fastest and cheapest is hyaluronic acid. The cosmetic surgeon injects it directly into the hand. It not only works against wrinkles and unsightly protruding veins, but also significantly improves the structure of the skin. Because by increasing the moisture content, the collagen production is also stimulated. It usually takes several sessions to achieve this result.

However, treatment with hyaluronic acid has one major disadvantage: hyaluronic acid is broken down by the body over time, so the treatment must be repeated after about a year. On the other hand, the somewhat more expensive lipofilling achieves a lasting effect . Particularly vital autologous fat cells with a high proportion of stem cells are injected into the skin. The result: the volume is retained for a long time, and the blood circulation in the hand is improved. Thus the skin renews itself sustainably.

When does surgery make sense?

In some cases – especially when there is a massive excess of skin – surgical intervention on the hand can also be useful. Then the surgeon cuts into the skin about two inches long to tighten it at that point. The resulting scars are very subtle. This procedure can also be supplemented with the use of hyaluronic acid or autologous fat. The All in Esthetic team will be happy to advise you personally.

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