Once plucked thinly, now fully displayed: eyebrows have become a beauty accessory. A transplant can help anyone who suffers from pale brows .

They are considered to be her trademark and her beauty attribute: Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows. Dense, dark and full they adorn the star’s face – giving him a special charisma. Eyebrows as an individual beauty accent are a trend that has caught on.

While eyebrows were plucked as thinly as possible a few years ago – which many women regret today – the brows are now set in scene with all kinds of aids. Kim Kardashian is nowhere near the only celebrity to flaunt their brows in a flashy way. Models like Cara Delavigne also confidently bring their trademark onto the catwalk and have promoted the trend with it.

Remedy for light brows So when it comes to eyebrows, more is more. But what should you do if your own hair just doesn’t grow that thick and prominent?

There are several reasons for that.

Those who have plucked their brows thinly for many years often suffer from impaired growth.
Permanent make-up wearers are also affected.
Repeatedly refreshing the permanent make-up sometimes leads to scarring. In addition, malformations, burns or hormone fluctuations can be the reason for light eyebrows.

The FUE technique But even here plastic-aesthetic medicine can help: with an eyebrow transplant. For this purpose, cosmetic surgeons mainly use the so-called FUE technique . It stands for “Follicular Unit Extraction” and works as follows: Hair is removed from other parts of the body in order to fill in light areas on the eyebrows. It is important not to damage the follicles, because this is the only way they can be reinserted in the place of the eyebrows and continue to grow. To ensure this, microscopic access points are made to the hair roots. With this technique there is hardly any scarring and even the direction of growth of the new hair can be influenced. How long the procedure lasts and how expensive it is in the end depends on the number of hair follicles that are needed. In addition, there are the required working hours and the material. The All in Esthetics team will be happy to advise you personally.

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